lunes, enero 02, 2006

Por si alguien tenía dudas...

You are a Nocker!! Inspired by the Gnomes of
legend, you have a natural love of building,
repairing, and dismantling things. You can
quite literally turn trash into treasure. But
as things would have it, everything you make
has some little flaw, which causes you no end
to frustration. In life, dont let yourself be
so caught up in the flaws of life that you miss
out in its beauty.

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Emilio dijo...


You are an Eshu!! EXOTIC is the word to describe you. You have a natural flair for travelling, and the tales you weave have no equal. But you also have a problem with restlessness. Never contented to be in one place for long, you are always up and about doing one thing or another. Learn to relax and stick around in one place for awhile. You just might be glad you did.

Puede ser por lo extranjero.