lunes, junio 13, 2005

Si hasta un niño se da cuenta...

Acá algunas de las dudas que se plantea un niño de 7 años después de ver
"una nueva esperanza" después de haber visto las tres "primeras". Y
claramente demuestra bastante conocimiento.
Me da lata traducir. Ahora hay que esperar al Imperio Contrataca y El
Regreso del Jedi, que cuando empiezan a aparecer los jedi fantasmas y Qui
Gon no aparece, y ni siquiera lo nombran la cosa se pone compleja...
- after recognizing the Tantive IV corridore, "Hey, they didn't have all
those people in there before. Where did they get them."
- later in that same scene, "Are the Republic troops clones too? They all
look the same?" (Of course, by Republic troops he meant what we've always
called Rebels. But being on an Alderaan ship... who is correct?)
- "Wow! Is the Death Star done already? I guess that's how you know that a
long time has passed."
- "Look... Obi-Wan is pretending he doesn't know R2-D2."
- in Ben's hut: "Where is Qui-Gon? I thought Obi-Wan was supposed to be
training with him?"
- as C-3PO throws a Jawa body on the pile... "Do you think that R2-D2
started that fire with his jet rockets?"
- "How can the Emperor dissolve the Senate? Didn't he destroy it trying to
kill Yoda?"
- "Is Chewbacca the only Wookiee that survives the Clone Wars?" (with great
- "Why don't those ships need Hyperspace rings?"
- "So, does this mean that R2-D2 is really the main character in Star Wars?"
- and finally, though not prequel-provoked, "Why are red leader and gold
leader the leaders? They don't know what they're doing..."

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